Information Resources By Sector

Information resources by sector

The Australian Development Gateway (ADG) features fifteen topic areas that link to over 4294 resources as identified by members of the Asia Pacific development community in order to exchange knowledge, share lessons learned, and highlight latest research.


This sector covers a wide range of economic, social, technological, political and environmental issues relating to agriculture in the Asia Pacific region. (290 links | 3 events)

Practice / Effectiveness

Introduces key concepts and approaches to development and links these with practical resources to improve overall practice and effectiveness. (356 links | 6 events)

Disability Inclusive Development

Provides resources on key policies and frameworks, inclusive practice, organisations and networks, data quality and collection methods as well as information on a number of thematic areas. (195 links | 3 events)

Disaster management

Access practical information about disaster management in the wake of the Indian Ocean earthquakes and tsunami. (198 links | 4 events)


This sector covers a wide range of economics topics relevant to international development, including microeconomic reform, macroeconomic stability, economic growth, public financial management as well trends and challenges. (184 links | 2 events)


Materials for Diploma of Security & Risk Management trainers and development professionals to enhance their skills, keeping them up to date. (268 links | 3 events)

Enterprise Development

Features resources to assist in the planning, development and support of microenterprises and SMEs and the delivery of microfinance services. (225 links | 2 events)


Provides resources for researchers, practitioners and administrators involved in the planning, design, implementation and evaluation of environment and climate related policies and programs. (285 links | 2 events)

Gender equality

Provides extensive resources for people working on a range of gender-related issues including gender-based violence, gender mainstreaming and gender equality in conflict and fragile states. (184 links | 2 events)


An extensive resource for people working to promote good governance and transparency across the private and public sectors in the Asia Pacific. (415 links | 2 events)


Addressing the needs of health promoters, public health workers and health professionals working with drug rehabilitation and alcoholism in the Asia Pacific region. (453 links | 3 events)


Information specifically tailored to the needs of HIV practitioners in the Asia-Pacific region. (284 links | 2 events)

Knowledge Sharing

Key information resources on knowledge sharing and communication tools for international development. (340 links | 2 events)


Provides resources for the planning, design, implementation and evaluation of infrastructure related policies, programs and projects. (259 links | 2 events)

Water & Sanitation

Valuable information for people working in Asia Pacific countries in the areas of water management and technology for supply and sanitation. (358 links | 2 events)